Another Overdue Catchup Post

I’m now on several weeks holiday cause apparently I don’t take any holidays and I’m well overdue to be on a break and relax. Really nice timing for it to be over the Christmas/New Years period, but because this wasn’t so much of a planned holiday, I’ve not got much going on at the moment apart from looking for another job and looking forward to the Mountain Goats tomorrow. That’s about where my priorities are at the moment. Or what I can think of off the top of my head.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back into a mind frame of updating this more often, the amount of stuff I’ve now got to post in one go is getting really bad.

A strange phenomenon that occurred in the middle of the ocean that’s baffled scientists called the bloop.

A great comic about Warren Ellis being King of the Internet, and I’d agree. He also recounts a great conversation he had with his daughter the other day which I thought was great.

Though in reality it is undoubtedly a horrible experience and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone, you’ve just got to appreciate the irony of this article’s title: US anti-kidnap expert kidnapped.

A video of the sounds and voices from the video game Left 4 Dead spliced together to hilarious results.

A Japanese commercial that stars Brad Pitt, directed by Wes Anderson and makes absolutely no sense.

And finally, scientists have gotten spinning drops of water to behave like black holes which you can read here or watch this video instead.

Only one more sleep till The Mountain Goats. I’m freakin stoked.