Spit-Takes on the Road

Kick off screening of It Came From the Swamp went very down very well last night with tickets being sold out and a second screening planned for next week to accommodate futher viewers.

I got there late myself and forgot to grab a copy of the DVD, something I’ll probably have to pay for, but from what I hear, apart from being on sale during the tour, the DVD will eventually be available in stores like JB Hifi, which is pretty exciting.

Part of last night was also the first time I had sat down with an audience watching Spit-Takes and though I was nervous to begin with, people started laughing from the first gag and kept laughing in almost all the right places which is great. There are still bits and pieces which I wish I had spent a little more time polishing and shortening to really get the laughs across, but ah well.

Just to note about Spit-Takes: the version that’s touring is actually the ‘clean’ version. Where the one on youtube at the moment is full of dirt and film artifacts, the one thats on the DVD is free of all that due to the fact I couldn’t complete all the effects in time before it had to be in for the DVD mastering. This I don’t mind, I’m still half and half if it should be either clean or dirty, but I must point out that the countdown timer appears to have been cut from the start of the short which is a little miffing as it sets up the whole ‘educational film’ format, but them’s the breaks I suppose.

But anyway, It Came From the Swamp will be playing in Raglan tonight, not that anyone I know from Raglan will be reading this, but I actually wouldn’t mind being there right now as the weather for the last few days have been ridiculously hot and I’ve got a feeling I’m not looking forward to summer this year.