Hast Thou Considered The Tetrapod

Its been a long week of work and filming and am now in Auckland for the weekend filming a fashion show. Been in my hotel room for about half an hour and already I’m bored and over it. Never was one for hotels, the novelty of it wears off pretty quickly and by the end of it, your trying to figure out how get rid of the dead hooker. Typical.

Anyway, in other news, there’s word of a Preacher movie again, this time its ‘confirmed’ with Sam Mendes directing this time. The last I heard about this project, it was going to be an HBO series, but turns out it got dropped for being ‘too dark’ and ‘religiously controversial’, which is kind of the point right? Well anyway, I hope they don’t fuck it up, cause I friggin’ love Preacher with all of my body (including my pee pee).

The Mountain Goats have finally announced their return after postponing the Australian leg of their tour and breaking my heart. December 17th, I’m there and so should you.

Man, I’ve now had this tab open for so long and can’t think of anything more to write about. Not that you’d notice. I’ve been clicking between tabs and keep coming back to this window with the blinking icon saying “finish writing this post you lazy fuck. Stop ignoring your blog. Update use more often. We maybe annoying like a herpes sore, but we’re yours to deal with for the rest of your life”… okay… shit, I must be really tired. I’ve just written a whole paragraph of my train of thought and am now writing about me writing about writing my train of thought… wow… I’m actually confused now. Oh and if your reading this Ross, I forgot to return that library book and its up in Auckland with me. Will return it on Sunday. My bad.

I need to sleep.