A Random Turn of Events

Sweet Knights of Columbus, that’s right, I have a blog that needs to be updated regularly. So where have I been? Slipping obviously, but one particular recent event which was awesome and totally worth blogging was my recent Friday night…

After a day of nothing and being quite bored, I txt’d around to see who wanted to go out for a drink and by 5 o’clock had a small entourage of friends to chill out and drink some drinks with. Several bars down, we decide that the next place to go and be merry is the casino. Brilliant idea! Only thing is that my friends needed to go move a car first and I simply needed more booze in me, so going our separate ways, we planned to meet out in front of the casino in within a certain amount of time.

As I walked alone down the city street, a carload of young douchefags thought I was the right target for their douchefaggery and one of the morons in the backseat yelled out his window to me “Asian cunt!”.

Now, though there is no doubt I am an Asian and at times, according to some, a total cunt, I doubt either of these terms have anything to do with each other, let alone be called out by some retarded fucktard who’s parents were themselves to retarded to know how to use a goddamn condom.

So this idiot yells this out to me from the safety of his backseat, but lo to his misfortune, he yelled it at me of all Asians and their car had to stop two seconds later at a red light.


I took one very pissed off and very drunk breath of air and proceeded to sprint towards the car at full speed with the hate of China behind my back.

Where there once sat an over confident, unaborted incest lovechild, now sat a pants wetting assclown who was beginning to realise his mistake and started rolling up his window in fear.

Drunk, and full of rage, I proceeded to open his door with the force of an asian cunt drunk and full of rage and yell the shit out of this total cuntrag who should have been a blowjob instead of the product of his mum accidently sitting down on the little turd ejaculate that came out his dad.

This ranting and yelling proceeded for a while until the lights turned green and then I set the little cock stain and his friends on their way, punctuating the encounter flipping the classic ‘bird’.

Now, many people, even people I’m close to and know, don’t really think that racism is prevalent in this day and age, or at least in New Zealand of all places. But let me tell you for the record, shit like that happens to me very often. Racial profiling and stereotyping has ranged from mild mean words like our retard example above, to real fucked up wankers, pressing me against a wall wanting to cause me grevious bodily harm just because of the colour of my skin.

Whoops… this post went on a bit of a tangent there and I don’t mean to start editorialising too much, but just for the record, I don’t stand for that shit. Not against me or any other human being. No one should be judged based on the colour of their skin and I’ll get in the face of anyone that thinks otherwise.

Now, don’t get me wrong though, I’ll hate the shit out of someone if they’re an asshole no matter what ethnicity or race or country their from. You could be a fellow Asian or a shining example of the Aryan race, but if you’re a total moron, you’re a total moron in my total morons book. Case close. But to get back down to basics, racism sure as shit don’t fly with me and neither does the hitting of women while we’re at it.

Anyway, Batman wannabe speech aside, where was I? Ah right, after my run in with the little fuck stick, I proceeded to drink more, meet up with my friends at the casino, win over 600 bucks, drink a bit more and wake up with one hell of a hangover in my car the next morning (cause I don’t drink drive damnit!).

Batman would be proud.