Why yes, it certainly has been quiet recently…

Time to step out of the shadows I suppose. Been doing stuff and mostly not achieving anything, but overall hanging out with mates.

There’s been more buying of stuff, which I believe is always good for the soul, though not for the wallet. But I must mention that a parcel of nine sweet Godard films is now five weeks overdue and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s probably not going to turn up anytime soon. That revelation is a bit of damper.

But overall, not a helluva lot has been going on. There’s been several birthdays which I’ve managed to almost forget all off. People have been coming and going and I can’t help but feel this is all just that calm before the storm. Hopefully by storm, I mean busload of strippers parks itself in my driveway, but we’ll see.

Stuff I should mention is that this week is the last week of Future Te Aroha’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. People I know are in it and made it so go check it out. Here’s the poster.

A video of a bar being served by a monkey. I don’t know what exactly this is, but it is quite possibly the greatest thing on the face of this earth ever ever.

Pictures of The Most Alien Looking Place on Earth. And I’d agree.

And the photo of the week that made me laugh…

Oh and I just noted that the counter is past 1000, but no one has claimed their prize yet. No rush either.