Catch Up Post

Well its been one long week of all sorts of crazies. Completed the short film “Spit-Takes” and while I’m happy with the final result, there’s some effects thats taking its time being rendered before I’ll put it online for all to see.

Its been submitted to be screened along with some other local shorts for a touring festival in order to showcase the Waikato’s budding filmmaking community… or something along those lines. I even managed to squeeze in my good friend Sash’s Dark Priest short that he made several years ago and I still consider it one of, if not the best student/low budget short to have come out of the Waikato in recent years and its always needed a wider audience and this certainly is one of the platforms for it. I should be an agent. Ari Gold would be proud.

Other things that have happened this week include getting my car tested for a Warrant of Fitness and passing with absolutely no faults, not even minor ones to keep an eye out for. Impossible? Probably, I must have left a 20 note or something in the seat, that’s never happened to me before.

I also broke another expensive pair of headphones, and buying a replacement, thats probably my third $100 pair this year. Spending money is just awesome. I also completed building shelves for my DVDs so now they don’t just lie around in excess across the floors and now just need to track down where the hell all my borrowed ones are. As there are just so many missing its mental.

Also tried some painting this weekend and failed so instead took up drinking as a past time. That was excellent, but suffered one hellish hangover thats been haunting me all day today. Thats what I get for mixing my many drinks.

The plan for this week is to start putting together the next short film exclusive for the net, finish writing of script thats needed finishing for many many many months now and probably get around to invoicing and getting paid.

There’s an interview with Charlie Kaufman here in mp3 format and it runs for over two hours. He talks about all sorts of things an its great as you’d expect it to be.

The trailer for his upcoming film Synecdoche…

An interview with the creator of No Heroics which I caught the first episode of and now think is great. Check it out if you can, I mean there’s a guy called Thunder Monkey and he summons monkeys. I know I’ve mentioned that before but… monkeys!

And finally, here’s Well Ferrell answering some questions from the internet. Hilarious.

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