Upcoming Film Stuff

So I might be shooting a music video this weekend. I’m not quite sure. The date was pencilled in a while ago but so far not much has been heard on it.

But elsewise, I’ve taken a offer to contribute a short film to a touring film festival that’s intended to showcase the Waikato or Hamilton region or something. So, to make something specifically for the show, I’m going to spend the next few days, and moreso the weekend (if I’m not filming a music video instead) to make a film about nothing. Not to say that Hamilton is nothing (though pretty close according to some), but the intention is to not plan anything, not script anything and just use whatever resources I’ll have available at the time. That also include equipment, actors, props, locations and food. And thats not to say nothing means I don’t have an idea in my head what exactly it’s about or how to do it, but that I have a concept of a story and of the format, but I want to keep the process very experiment and very spontaneous.

And hey, if it all fucks up and collapses on itself, I’ll just use an old short film or something instead.