From the Outer Regions…

Dear fucking god I am tired. Have been meaning all week to post something about what I’ve been doing, but simply haven’t had the time or energy to do so. At best it’s been either nothing or a video filled with fucking furries, but hey, I’m still here for you.

So yeah, for the past week its been work, filming, the odd Bill Bailey (which was awesome) and more work. Hopefully it’ll all quiet down soon for me to focus on things I had meant to focus on last week before things got hectic and amongst which, I’ll get to finish building what’ll be one sweet facebook profile picture, cause I haven’t had a new one for months now. It’s very important to me like that.

…Once again I get the time to sit down and blog about stuff and nothing comes to mind. All week I’ve been constructing in my head bits and pieces that will be this blog post all about this, that and the other group of stuff and thoughts and thinking on blah, blah, blahs… but right now I’m sitting in front of the computer and all that’s coming out of my head is: ‘blah, blah, blah… wasn’t this something important you wanted to post about? Hey, how about you just write about how you can’t write about anything. Stretch out a whole goddamn paragraph about your retarded so called writers block that is really retarded brain thinking. You could totally keep this train of thought going and it’d be so fucking meta, Shakespeare would spit in his coffee’. Whatever… I’m Batman.