Shut Up and Deal

Been an interesting past few days. Got to catch up with friends, have drinks and move a piano out of my room and into a trailer where I played various tunes on it while being driven through the town with quite the few confused onlookers thinking “what the hell?” Have videos and photos of it, but I seem to have misplaced nearly every cable I’ve had need of.

But yeah, I’ve finally got rid of the piano in my room I bought on a whim by selling it off to a friend on a whim over a poker game. Awesome.

Also shifted around a bit of the arrangement in my room so along with the missing piano, there’s a helluva lot of floorspace in my room. I’ll be getting my carpenter Jesus hat on this week to build me some shelves for the DVDs which have continued to arrive in the mail (sweet) but keep draining my bank account (not sweet).

Many other stuff to blog about but I’ve been watching old Billy Wilder films and I’m all out of time and must go.