An Email From a Friend, I’m Sure He Won’t Mind…

This is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down. I’d
like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you how my i
ended up sitting on Khyber pass road with my car disabled typing this
on my phone because i have nothing better to do. Installer services
“Damn We’re good” agreed to install a car alarm plus immobiliser today
at a cost of $450 and an hour of my time. He turned up late, we had to
drive somewhere else where i could have just met him anyway. I went to
work, waited the four hours expected. Waited two more. Called, was
told rudely that it would be done very soon. On pressing it turns out
the siren wasn’t working and they run a mobile service without backup
equipment. He got assistance from another guy who also didn’t have a
backup. He calls thirty mins later to say the installation failed,
they’ll finish on friday … Forget about my schedule. I turn up at 4
as agreed, he turns up half an hour late again. I politely ask Why My
Bumper Appears To Be Broken Now. He doesn’t know anything about it.
Refuses to give me an invoice without me paying first until i get
really angry… He drives off, i drive to Khyber, wait at a red light
in rush hour traffic, and then the car cuts out. With no power, even
after diverting energy from shields, someone gives me enough room in
two lanes of traffic to back my car, rolling, down the hill until i
get enough momentum to get off the road… And unfortunately block the
guy with the camera ticketing people that drive up the bus lane,
making him unhappy. He was thankfully understanding. Alarm installs
take up to four hours normally i’m told. I’ve been sitting here an
hour, he got here fifteen minutes ago with a new alarm unit. That’s my
reverse bel air, via gmail j2me app. More details to come.