Consumerism is Awesome

So I’m back in Hamilton now. Friday was a day of still recouping and hanging with friends, especially Tanya’s goodbye which was both emotional and a very drunken time for me. Which was great and completely what I needed given how intense the whole week has been.

So great I spent the next day recovering from my hangover with a friend trading and buying DVDs which totally goes back on my plans to spend nothing this month, but screw it, there were a ridiculous number of deals and specials going around and so I ended up buying about eight DVDs, two comic books and came home to find packages containing nine more DVDs and all have been re-arranged on a new shelf I also acquired in Auckland, but still provides not enough space for all my DVDs, so its back to finding and buying another shelf (which would make for a fifth) and hoping that by the time I do, I wouldn’t have bought so much more stuff that it wont fit.

But yeah, totally failed on the whole not buying things, but screw it, I’m a consumer whore like that. Actually, come to think of it, there’s still about five more DVD’s coming in the mail… mega fail.