I’ve Got to Get Better Sleeping Patterns

On my never-ending quest to procrastinate actual work and things that need doing, I’ve been organising and freeing up my way too full hard-drives. Of course, I could have been writing or doing something productive while waiting for files to burn to discs, but meh… you get more internet stuff and I get to close some tabs.

One of the most random flash animations I’ve seen in a while called Michael Fantasy.

One of the most random series of photos on some guys blog post called Today is the Day.

That scene from The Shining redone with robots!

Yam, The King of Crops

So along with not smoking (two weeks now), I’m attempting to spend August on not buying things. Well, non-essential things. Last month turned out to be quite the spend spree for me with four to five trips back and forth from Auckland, the watching of many movies and buying of many many DVDs and books. Hell, I’ve still got about fifteen to twenty ordered from amazon and ebay shipped in from overseas (and overseas shipping sucks these days). So yeah, the rest of the month is dedicated to spending only on bills and food. And not junk food either seeing as I’m also trying this whole ‘healthy thing’ now. Something that would make “2007 Chris Tan” sick.

So that kinda leaves August with the cause to finish reading and watching all the books and DVDs I’ve bought and borrowed rather than stockpiling them like a cultural nuclear winter is on the horizon, which of course is bollocks as we all know the no-culture stupid virus already hit us during the mid 90s.

Oh and part of not buying ‘non-essentials’ includes the buying of alcohol. You’d think this would be something horribly drastic and a little bit of a stretch for me, but no. With how much I’ve stockpiled of that and reserved. Big no.

So yeah, that’s about it. Here’s a video/article on the blowing up of a WW2 bomb in London. Awesome.

And I’m late on this, but this is a super cool video series by this guy and his site Where The Hell is Matt? and it’s smile inducingly great.