Brain Maggot’d

So Dark Knight? It was totally awesome. Nuff said. All should go watch it, I’m gonna be going again this weekend for the IMAX version. I love you Batman. Why wont you answer my calls?

This Saturday I’m helping shoot a video for a band from Hamilton Boy’s High to be put forward with their application in the Smokefree Rockquest. I forget what their band is called, but they sound great and it’ll be fun. I hope.

And speaking of smokefree, yes, I still am much to my own amazement as well as everyone elses. It’s now coming into the fifth day and I’ve not had a single cigarette despite all the usual times of having a good puff from driving, to after a sweet awesome meal to taking breaks at a shitty shit filled job to hanging around other smokers smoking away and very much so enjoying it. Five days now. I should get a medal.

And… I have nothing else to report. I had things to say, been thinking all day about saying them, but have simply come up blank on what it was to be about. Oh well.

Here’s an article on incressed UFO sightings in Britan.

And a great re-subtitled video of Downfall that me and my film buddies are having a great laugh over. There seems to be a lot of different versions of this concept from problems with Windows Vista to xbox 360 issues, but this one is my favourite.