Morning convesation…

flatmate: You’re up early.
me: Only one reason for it.
flatmate: What’s that?
me: Batman.

So I kinda disappeared from this blog and from the internet for a while, but things have been happening either way. Was pretty down last week for reasons I wasn’t sure about, but starting this week I quit smoking and its now my fourth day. Only just recently announced to people this yesterday and so far the responses have been a lot of ‘good for yous’ and ‘you’ll live longer’ and though the sentiments and meanings are nice, I’m like, really? I’m not going to become a non-smoker. Just someone that doesn’t smoke anymore. I hated the whiny “ew, thats so bad for you” or “you should quit” blah blah blahs I got as a smoker and by God I’ll never be one to say that to a smoker ever, even if I feel a thousand times better and healthier and blah blah blah.

This has been a bit of a rushed post but I’ll do a proper one after the movie, which I should really get going to now. Hope all are well out there. Batman is my aeroplane.