Randomest Murder Scene Ever

Probably one of the more bizarre discovered ‘possible murder’ scene stories I’ve read in a while…

Joyce Germain, 59, was found dead in the bathroom of her ground floor unit in Darlinghurst in April 2006. The inquest into her death will hear from four persons of interest.

Ms Germain’s body, which was half naked, was found covered with clothes, a hard hat was on her chest, and the cord of an iron was loosely wrapped around her neck. The cord of a toaster was wrapped around and hanging from a shower curtain rod and red lipstick was smeared over parts of the bathroom

Okay, which is weird of course, but when you go into the details of the investigation…

She had been wearing a dress that was found to be pulled up near her shoulders. A knife was also found in the bathroom but Ms Germain had not appear to have any knife wounds on her body.

A syringe was also found in the bathroom, it contained DNA from a neighbour, Chady Wazir, a person of interest.

Wazir told police he had found Ms Germain dead and had remained in the apartment with her body for some time shooting up next to her body.

However, he denied inflicting any injury to her.

And then…

Another man, Robert Kaminga, came to the attention of investigating police after yelling from his balcony above Ms Germain’s flat that he “knew who did it”, Det Const Milburn said.

When he went upstairs to speak with Mr Kaminga, the detective said, he found “leather items, whips and chains hanging from the walls” for use in sexual activity.

Det Const Milburn said Mr Kaminga told him: “You can be my master any time, come round after work.”

When he reminded him it was a serious police investigation, Mr Kaminga replied: “Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.”

Okay, I’m pretty much copying and pasting the most of the article, but those are the highlights of strangeness that seems to surround this case. Can check out the full article here.