Let’s Hug It Out

A late post I know, but I spent a wonderful weekend drinking, socialising and generally keeping away from the computer. Now that that’s over, I’ll be getting back to dealing with the growing pile of work thats filling my plate.

But to recap, we didn’t win 48. Not nationally anyway, it was a long shot, but damn was it fun. I had a bit to drink, but still very much enjoyed the whole night and the show that was put together for the finals. Lots of great films on display and I await the DVD to rewatch them all. Our film seems to have been a small topic of debate on the 48 forums, there’s actually been a lot of flak flying around over the choice of winners, the direction of the competition and blah, blah, blah. This seems to happen every year, but this year in particular it seems to have spawned a lot of debate. In our particular film, when actually mentioned (which isn’t much really), people either loved it and thought it was a top contender, while others hated it and thought it was a cheap piece of crap and either way, I don’t really care. It’s good to have made a film that got a reaction and you can’t please everybody and from reading more and more of the forums that don’t stop getting posts and replies, it sure is the case.

I haven’t gotten around to uploading our film online yet as I seem to have run into a few compression issues, but it’ll be sorted out by the end of the week hopefully. In the meantime, you can view it on the C4 website and vote for us in the audience award, though I think there’s only a day left on that. Man do I leave things late. Ah well. Check it and all the other finalists over at https://www.c4tv.co.nz