Tick Tock Tick Tock

This seems to have been a good week of catching up with people I’ve not seen in a really long time. Or at least heard of in a long time. Even briefly chatted to old friend Malcolm who’ll be getting married in a couple of weeks over in Germany. Wish I was there for it, best of luck to the both of them.

Meanwhile it looks like I’ve kicked off the most of this flu, which is good and there’s now less than 24 hours to go till the 48 finals are played and the winners are announced. How am I feeling? Relaxed for now, like many others I’m just putting it in the back of my mind for now and trying not to think about it. Might be harder tomorrow evening, but that’s where liquor comes and saves the day. Thanks booze. I’d marry you if it weren’t illegal.

I even got brief word from a friend in Auckland who had coffee recently with the Auckland winners. If I remember correctly, they were also quite surprised at their win, trying not to think much about it and generally feeling pretty much the same as me. I wonder if that’s what it’s like for all the regional finalists.

Anyway, today has been a day of cleaning and organising, though not very well having already watched all of the first season of Entourage today, which is very good fun. It’s amazing how much crap I had piled up in my desk drawer, but the more daunting task is my computer which is almost full again and will require hours of sorting and burning just to clear up over 1 terabyte of music, movies, film projects and other random junk I keep accumulating without sorting. Can’t wait.

Wow, I just spent a whole paragraph describing the act of cleaning. Were you excited? I was on the edge of my seat. Here a Tom Waits press conference to make up for it.