On the Job Strangeness

Monday night I got a phone call and it was nothing but Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes along with some Samuel L Jackson one-liners. This went on for about 20 minutes I’d say something and then something from an Arnie film would be quoted back to me. The conversation ended when, well… I guess they hung up. But I never got a call back and I still wonder now if that was a radio station or just some jokers pulling one helluva elaborate prank.

Tonight has been just as interesting. Last week, the local papers did an article on the 48 and our win. We had a picture put in and that ran on Thursday afternoon. I’ve worked two shifts since then and had completely forgot about it till tonight when no less than six customers have come up to me wondering at first if that was me and me sheepishly saying yes. Weirdness for it to just happen suddenly and so far only in one night so long after the fact.

But there’s still over a week till the 48 Finals are televised and its starting to come to the question of where exactly we’re all going to be hanging out to watch the show next Thursday. So far it’s just at someones house, but I’m heavily considering hiring out a room at the Academy, but we’ll see for now.

Other than that, not a helluva lot has been going on. I’ve still got this bout of sleeping a lot, which is odd as I’ve been eating alright and well… just being alright. For the last few days I’ve been sleeping in more and kinda staying in bed a lot. At first I thought I was getting sick again and even had a semi-sore throat going on, but since then the throat has gotten better and well… We’ll just see after tonight.