Quick Recap of Debauchery

Now rested from a fun, but exhausting weekend. Spent the most of Friday recovering from a lovely hangover and made my way up to Auckland in the evening for a dinner and drinks and eventually meeting a friend in town where, going from one lousy bar to another, I ran into some Hamilton friends also up for the night on completely different reasons, but all of us probably going to the same bar. Freaky.

Saturday was planned for hanging out with people during the day, but that got cut short by a badly punctured tyre that resulted in me looking like mad for, at first, a decent garage/tyre guy and then, realising I was in Auckland, just trying to find one that was open for fucking, fucks sake. Finally found one on the arse end of Otahuhu and they were great and cheap. But I had to sacrifice a lot of catch up time with certain people. But still managed to squeeze in some drinks with some others.

Woke up Sunday very tired and only slightly hungover to come back down to Hamilton at about seven in the morning (the most ungodly hour of the day) to film our intro and interviews for the televised screening of the 48 Finals, which will be on C4, 8.30pm 3rd of July. Exciting stuff I’m sure.

Here’s a picture of me from the shoot.