Catch Up and Crap

Had a post half written and saved as a draft, but its slightly too old to finish off.

So anyway, a few days gap, only because I’ve been ridiculously busy almost, nearly, but not quite non-stop since Thursday, where my schedule went from teaching to working, to transporting, to filming, to working, to more filming, then editing, then working, then filming, then resting a bit and then more filming and working and editing and working. Which brings us up to about now where I just cooked a full pot of spaghetti bolognese at three in the morning. Delicious.

But now I should hopefully be a bit richer and working with Sash, we both have some sweet funny introductions for our 48 films to be played on Thursday at the finals. We were given the option to make a video introduction to our films where we just gave a bit of background, talked about the competition and our thoughts, blah, blah, blah… but instead, we’ve just kinda, sorta, made another short film to accompany our respective entries.

How will this go down with audience members? Only time will tell, that and if you are to come along to the finals too. This Thursday night, 8.30pm at Chartwell Cinemas in Hamilton! Tickets are $15.50 which makes me sick to my stomach, and probably why I haven’t gotten a ticket yet and probably should before it gets sold out or something ironiclly retarded like that.

Also have drinks planned beforehand so I can be in my favourite state for these kind of screenings. Drunk and a drink and degree away from tipping over in shame. Can’t wait for the photos.