Uh Oh…

Winter has officially come along and for the last several years, every year, bar one, I get really sick during a season change. Don’t matter which season change, it just happens. The rest of the year, I’m immune to all flu and sickness that could possibly afflict me, which isn’t so much a boast, but more of a strange fact that I’ve come to appreciate and anticipate.

Woke up in the morning with a raspy dry throat. Figured it had something to do with pushing a goddamn car uphill for nearly half a kilometre. But over the day it got worse till near the end of work, I had a headache, rising temperature and sniffly nose (which is now blocked). Reckon I’m getting sick? I think so.

And this once again proves that karma, God, Jebus, Greyskull and the hobo down the street have such a wicked sense of humor about my life that I’m being struck down by that damn flu at a suddenly busy point in my year. Aside from work and teaching, I’ve got a couple of filming gigs to do, have to make some short mock-PSAs, mark some soon to be overdue assignments, attend a birthday party and do other various little things which I know I have to do really soon, but can’t recall off the top of my head cause my brain is spinning and this screen is starting to give me an eye-sore.

So thanks a lot karma, God, Jebus, Greyskull and the hobo down the street. I just love a challenge.