Happy Dance

48 Finalists have been posted. Looks like we’re on the list.

BlindVision – Post Mortem – Drama
Bob – Just a Brush Stroke Away – Adventure
Bwod – True Bromance – Romance
Down there for 10 Years – I am Simon – Animal
Guerrilla Monkeys – Sum of all Parts -Horror
Hold Your Breath – Fresh Start -Time Travel
R.O.R.P – Hamilgone -Time Travel
Roving Eye Digital – Post Perfection – Crime
Spin Productions – One Way Ticket -Time Travel
The 18th Floor – Sweet Tooth – Mystery
The Western Periscope Institute – Le Belle Corne de Brume – Romance
Y’s Guys – An eye for an eye – Action

It’s a very interesting finalists list, some on there I didn’t think would make it, others that totally are and that’s awesome. It’s such an interesting list this year, I have no idea who’s gonna win what or whatever, but I sure am looking forward to it.

The finals screening is next Thursday at Chartwell cinemas. 8.30pm onwards. Come and support some sweet films. Tickets available now. Do eeeet.