A Proper Post-Post

Less than 12 hours to go until the regional finalists are announced for the 48 Filmmaking Competition. As noted before, I’m not huge on thinking we’re grand ultimate winners or a huge awards sweep etc. All I care about at best is we make it to the DVD and that at least Ben gets big ups recognition for his musical contribution, which simply rocks.

The previous post was written in a very hungover haze and Sunday seemed to be a total write off. I’m still reeling from the fact its now Monday, when it feels like, well… not Monday.

But to recap Saturday properly… I spent the evening with some good old mates playing poker, having a fun time, winning some decent rounds, losing a couple, and eventually, the night and game boiled down to being between me and Scott. This happens often. Only this time I was a full bottle in, had the shorter stack and the clock counting down my eventual Circle Jerk appearance. It didn’t help I was being txt’d to my whereabouts, which caused me to rush my game and I still maintain that that was my sole downfall and in any other situation, I’d have kicked Scott’s arse. Well, anyway, he won (bastard) and I had to rush into town.

Now at this point, I had drunken a whole bottle of Southern Comfort during the game. This wasn’t intentional. This was simply a strong observation made as I poured a drink during the game and someone noted that the bottle was already below the halfway mark. Ah well. I got two of them for 60 bucks. A deal like that puts you or anyone in a good mood to drink and be merry right from the get go.

So, I’m now in town, still standing amazingly and getting more drinks at the bar waiting to go on. Now, I’m not really a person for the stage, not always and definitely not often. This was a musical performance and aside from the lame high school orchestra bollocks, I’ve not been in this type of situation before. Highly drunk and nervous for multiple reasons, this was not a good state to be in. Neither was dropping the candy I was given at the last minute upon first walking onstage.

Oh man, even now recalling it, I’m so embarrassed, I can hardly blog anymore about it. Well, not so much embarrassed, but more of a “what the hell was I doing?” overflow of thinking. I’m assured it was alright, but as I recall, I was throwing candy at people. I’m not that good of a thrower, even when sober, so drunk as I was, I’m pretty sure I remember some pissed off people being pissed off at having a drunk man in a mask, throwing lollipops right at them. So I’m gonna just pretend the night didn’t happen or I was totally awesome.

But I’m definitely sticking to filmmaking. Call that one night, where I drunkenly stood on stage, yelled some bollocks at people through a megaphone and suggestively humped a bag of sweets (or so I’m told I did), my one and only public venture into the music industry. I hope.