I Can See My Goddamn Balls Again!

Welcome back to the new and not so slightly improved website.

The last few months have been suckaballs boring without this site and blog to write to (which in itself is sad) and finally after waiting hands on foot for my web host to get their shit sorted and get my account up and running, I just went fuck it and went to another provider.

Whilst at it, I’ve gone for a slightly new site design, which to the dismay of some gets rid of the funky picture changing banner which I myself am not too sure on doing, so would love to hear from anyone what their thoughts on this new look is like for them.

Had a small debate with myself on whether to start this blog afresh or continue the old one which is thankfully stored on the blogger servers as well, but also links to a lot of files that aren’t on this new server and were deleted with the last one. But over time I’ll be sorting out those kinks as well, hopfully re-uploading them or just deleting posts here and there.

At this point in writing, the site is pretty much nothing but this blog and the frontpage, but I’ll be adding more and more to it as time goes by and with a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to put up since last year, along with bits and bobs of sweet Web2.0 oddities. Hooray.

So, enough of that boring shite, stay tuned and welcome back, feels great to be blogging again and a quick check the archives has me starting back up just a day before this site’s 2nd birthday. Happy birthday internet. I’ve missed you.