Still Alive

I’ve been lazy with this site and since the last post have attended three weddings in one week, been working like a dog, living as a hermit to the world and at times, working on a feature length script with the remarkably talented Ross which I really like and am not so much working on it with him, but more like standing over his shoulder at times, throwing in the odd comment and idea to make it feel like I’m actually contributing something. But pretty excited about that and other stuff to be mention next time.

Got back yesterday from a few days off on the road helping out some friends filming and generally visiting the good people of other cities and drinking booze. Also shopped a little excessively and bought a digital camera, some CDs and DVDs and couple hundred worth of books.

But best story I got out of all of this is I almost died Saturday night/Sunday Morning.

Was driving along the motorway at the dead of night and had just changed the music when I noticed up ahead that there was a car that looked like it didn’t have its headlights on. Not too long after, I realised that that particular car was getting bigger and bigger and then the thought “oh shit, that car is on the wrong side of the motorway and heading straight for me” and we’re both at top speed.

Then it flicked its headlights on as I veered into the next lane to avoid it. Doing so I spun out several times in the middle of the road, the other car just zips on past and I come to a full stop in the middle of the motorway facing the opposite way and watch as the cars that were ‘behind me’ come to a full stop just short of hitting me.

So hazard lights, a wave of OK to the others and pushing my flooded car to the side of the road, I called the cops and though I couldn’t give a description, there was cop that had pulled over a speeder a couple of kilometers back and hopefully that douchebag was caught. I haven’t seen anything of this in the news, so hopefully no one was hurt because of it, but man, that was close and lucky whoever the hell it was didn’t switch lanes either.

It was a pretty narrow miss too. A couple of seconds off and would have been a pretty messy scene considering at least I was going top speed and it would have been head on. But hey, I had changed the music over to Lovage just beforehand, so at least I would have died to some damn fine music.