Went to Papamoa Thursday night/Friday morning where I took part in filming some scenes of Brad’s new short film Cockroaches. This time though, I’m in front of the camera acting, as opposed to behind it, which is a totally different experience, but still good fun.

Being behind a camera, I’ve always kept myself aware of the pressure that can be on an actor with all the focus around being on them, but man, even in a small group situation like this one, its still something on the side of discomforting to do.

But I hope they’re getting what they need. I had a lot of fun doing it and its a welcome change of role for me. We’re planning to shoot the rest of the film next month and that’s going to be a lot more scenes and a lot more fun and a lot more pressure too. Hooray.

The rest of my weekend was spent sitting on a beach, having some small drinks, luging down a hill, driving around the country side and then getting tired of driving around the country side and pulling over to rest and nap and then waking up, but at first, not quite waking up enough to remember where I was and then remembering and then going home.