Whoever Invented Rope Is an A-Hole

Everytime I keep opening up a blogger window to write something and nothing really comes to mind worth blogging about. Which is a pity, because I really do enjoy blogging, but its just been one of those dull weeks.

Actually, not so dull, got to see an advanced screening of The Darjeeling Limited and being such a Wes Anderson whore, I was totally on that like a pedo to a playground. Was an excellent film, quite different from his others, still no Tenenbaum or Rushmore, but I still liked it. The problem is if asked why exactly, I can’t quite tell you. There are a lot of excellent aspects to it and one of the most hilarious meta reference filled opening scenes ever, and Adrien Brody is just amazing as always, but yeah… something was a little off about it, but not in a bad way. Just unnerving like that guy that just wont stare at you, but maybe he’s just crazy in the head. Knock it off grandpa.

But yeah, Christmas is coming up and I’ve yet to do any shopping for it. New Years will begin the wedding season for me where I attend three or four weddings in the space of two weeks and lots of drinking in between it all. Hooray!