Voodoo Robot Power

Oh yeah, lots of time has gone since the last post. Since then, I’ve opened and closed my blogger window with a lot of half written entries that I just kept thinking weren’t worth blogging about at the time. But now that time has gone by, this is just gonna be a post about a whole bunch of things that’ll take me some time to remember about…

Over one weekend I was in Auckland to film a fashion show. Interesting new experience and topped off with shooting an impromptu music video and seeing a whole bunch of people from South Seas I’d not seen since leaving last year.

Since then, I’ve been resting, drinking, working and sleeping back in Hamilton. Caught up with some more people I’d not seen in a while. Watched a few movies too. Just had a screening of the wintec shorts I’d helped out on this year, although the one I had served as DOP on was half over by the time I’d gotten there… whoops. Guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD.

Another day I was woken up by a phone call from a friend in need. Now I’ve been woken up for many reasons, ranging from suicides to emergency pickups and they can all quite exciting, cause… well, they can and I find it amusing sometime to be woken up by a phone call in the middle of the night. But never have I been called up and out of bed to play in a game of cricket. That was just random and definitely a first for me.

Acting in a short film in a few weeks and I’ve not really organised or prepared myself as much for it yet, which I should. Actually, I should also contact the director about all of that too. Been a while since I’ve been organised about anything really, but reckon he’d like to know sometime. Actually, he’ll probably read it here first as I’m currently at work and without email at the moment.

Party coming up this Saturday, stag do to be attended sometime soon as well… Hrmmm… that’s all I can recall now. Been feeling pretty tired today and for the last few weeks, been having the urge to quit my job, find some film work up in Auckland while still living in Hamilton, which is a good feeling and something I should actually act on sooner rather than later.

Also been thinking of shaving, but that’s still a half thought.