Tough Like The Ukelele

One of these days I’m gonna remember to drive to auckland a little earlier than I plan myself to. Not that I was late in coming up yesterday, amazingly, I turned up on time, early in fact. But along the way, I had to abandon the idea of stopping off in Pokeno for some kick ass Pokeno ice cream.

Everytime I drive between Auckland or Hamilton, it’s either late at night or on a tight schedule where I would have no time. I just seem to keep remembering tending to stop off there as a kid and eating some totally awesome ice cream, and my growing fear is that one day I’ll finally manage to stop in one day and it’ll be too late and the two shops side by side that sell competing ice cream will be closed. That and it’ll be filled with zombies.

Anyway, as it turns out the workload on this job is far easier for me and I’m having fun not having to stress outside of whatever the job is. Last night was a rehearsal for the show that seemed to take far longer than it should have, well not really, as it was a dress rehearsal, but jaysis, the jokes and stereotypes of the awesome intellect of models is pretty close to true. Aparently its tough not to walk out of the light on stage and to walk in a circle or straight line or whatever they’re asked. But maybe I’m being rough, my standards of tough are based on how I can disarm bombs with my teeth and shoot down choppers with rocks. Manly!

Well, about to make an impromptu music video for King Kapisi, cause that’s what you do, then work on this fashion thingee and afterwards meet up with people for more drinking. Awesome.