All Hail West Texas

So had one of the best times in a while now back up in Auckland.

Finished up filming work at about four and spent an hour trying to navigate traffic to drop off gear and find the hotel I’d be staying at. Getting into friend’s room, I find it’s on the 24th floor with a great view, but again. 24 fucking floors up. Heights are dealable with most of the time, but I was tired and strung out and kinda lost the ability to form reasonable thinking for five seconds.

But all was well once back on the ground and watched the greatness that is Easter Promises. One of my top contenders for best film of the year and with one of the most intense scenes ever. Ever ever. Whats tough is I will go on and on about how great and amazing the film is to people and when they go “whats it about?” I really can’t say anything more to that, this is one of those films I can’t say anything about and it should just be watched.

But anyway, after the movie, there was much awesome meeting up of many people from the South Seas days and many a more drinking to be had after that. Really awesome to see everyone again, not so awesome the hangover in the morning. But I’m hoping to do it again real soon. Hopefully with more people, with midgets and pandas wearing burglar masks. That’d be sweet.