Closing Tabs and Linking Stuff

Came to work to find my limited edition copy of Tekkonkinkreet finally arrived in the mail for me. Very happy.

Anyway, onto the internet, which is far more interesting at this point…

Article on a Japanese sect was raided by 400 police officers on suspicion of murder can be read here.

The awesomeness of nano technology has unveiled the world’s smalled radio, details here.

Stuff about Archinect but really cool writings on Russian futuristic architechture can be read here.

And an even cooler thing, though for how long it’ll be available, who knows? Is you can download a complete copy of Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Was made into the excellent film Stalker and probably my next thing to read. Even if its an eBook. You can try grabbing it here