Shameless Plugging Post

I barely know what this is about exactly. Some university thing where they’re trying to find out “what makes a student happy”. And while my simple answer of three kegs of beer, carried on a giant pig’s back, ridden by a leprechaun, is aparently not a right answer, friend Maria is one of the contestants to see if she knows. Check out more details and all sorts of stuff to do with watching and voting on stuff here.

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Meanwhile, into its second week is the Te Aroha production of Chicago. I never saw the movie or anything else to do with Richard Gere, but hey, I’ll going to this (I hear there’s booze). Last shows are on for the 25th-27th this week and tickets are $20 per person, with other package options available. More details here.

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And Down By the Riverside gets its New Zealand premiere next week. Reposting…

Downending Films and Film Waikato are proud to announce the world premiere of the feature film Down by the Riverside on November 2nd at Hamilton’s Rialto Theatre, New Zealand.

The film, which was recently nominated in New York’s prestigious B-Movie awards for best foreign film, is described as a murder mystery, art house noir period piece, and is set in the Waikato town of Te Aroha. The film follows two historians as they investigate an unsolved murder, and they soon become part of the horrific story.

The premiere will be attended by Co-Directors Brad Davison and Marama Killen, who will answer questions from the floor after the screening, as well as lead actress Rebecca Trelease who was also nominated at the B-Movie awards for her performance in this film.

Seats can be booked at Rialto cinemas in Hamilton central for $12 from Saturday. More information on the film is available on Downending Film’s website (

This is a one time only screening for New Zealand before the DVD release on November 14th. Tickets are limited and some of the content of this film may offend – viewer discretion is advised.

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Oh and because it’s awesome. A Steampunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse. I’ve downloaded but not read any of it yet. But the title is just too awesome to ignore. Downloadable options here.