Regicide is the Word of the Day

Another day off and all is fairly boring in the world. Been playing games and listening to music, which is always a good thing I say, but again, leaves very little to be blogged about.

Been playing around with a new website design, but its still all drawing board stuff as I still haven’t found one I’m fully happy with yet. But that’s also just idle stuff to pass along the time as to do another overhaul of this site would be a bit of a bittersweet pain, but a thought I still can’t shake off none-the-less.

Brother sent me this article on what could be considered the 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World and I’d be inclined to agree. If I had to have a choice, I’d be at least willing to eat the ant eggs, but totally freak out at the thought of drinking baby mice wine or chewing on duck fetus. If you dare, read on here.