Drugs and Dentistry

If my last post doesn’t make any sense, its because I was on medication. Really, really strong medication.

Had a wisdom tooth taken out today and prior to that, I was to take some Hypnovel before going in. Aparently this stuff is pretty strong and I wasn’t to drive and thats all fair enough. What I didn’t realise was how strong it was and the fact that my minders didn’t see it fit to make sure I was at least appropriately fit to go out.

I actually don’t remember much of what happened. The last solid memory I had was starting the prior blog post and then suddenly everything got all fuzzy halfway through writing. I don’t even remember writing the last of that post. Next thing I know, I’m wasted and sitting in the dentists chair and theres a needle being jabbed in my mouth and then it all goes fuzzy again. Then, I’m woken up in the reception room wearing a stupid old hat and holding a walking stick. Still drugged out of course, so this situation didn’t seem so ridiculous. I’m assuming this because I was reportedly singing a song about being driven home, whilst being driven home too.

And in the end, woke up a few hours later in my bed totally bewildered to be there, wisdom tooth missing and still feeling a little funny. Spent the rest of the night wondering if I was just tired, or if the after effects of the drug was still in place or something. But either way, my flatmates are being a little vauge on whether or not I did anything stupid or silly or regretable, as its all quite believable and for some reason, withholding information from me seems to always be an amusing past time for people. The bastards.