This may be an odd post. Feeling a bit funny at the moment and have just taken some pill…Hypnovel… which are to put me in state of, well, I’m not really sure what. Its supposed to be all a drunklike state or something. Right now I think I”m getting a little light headed and not quite focusing right, but then again I’m blogging right now. If it were me battling off five ninjas while still eating a taco, perhaps we’d get a better sense of whether or not these pills will work and whether or not I’m better off beating them with one hand tied behind my back, or two hands and a leg. Either would give a much better acurrate result.

Gotta go in half an hour. I think they might be working. Can’t drive aparently. Good advice too. but for now, we’ll just wait on the next post. Far more sober…. hopefully.