Dreams and Douchebags

Been rocking the boring job recently. Video store work is such a drag but at least you get free movies and shit thats not out yet to preview. Problem is it’s the fucking school holidays at the moment and if there’s one thing you can garuantee, it’ll be the fact that the big rock has been moved and all the mongoloids come crawling out of the dark to feed and prey on humanity. And witnessing this stuff, your faith in our survival as an intelligent species goes right down the drain.

I’m not one to use this blog to vent personal world view frustrations on others, or let people know how miserable and dark my thinking of shit can be. I editorialise the hell out of myself to make sure this blog isn’t like that. But god damnit, aside from issues of global warming, world peace, creating a world class ninja college in my name, people got to get out more and do something like read a book. The idiots are winning.

That said, its been a bit of a fucked up day for me. The weather recently has been really bad with ridiculous amounts of rain going on. That, last night, combined with forgetting to take my nicotine patch off before going to bed, had me constantly waking up all night from a really bad nightmare. I’ve had nightmares where I’ve woken up screaming or short of breath and covered in sweat, but last night’s constant strings of nightmares were like this subtle blend of creeping doom and horror. Eventually I smartened onto my forgetting of the patch and took it off, but the nightmares kept happening, till eventually I woke up and its bright morning and I had a half minute debate with myself to get up or go back to sleep. Well, that’s not different to any other day, but this time, I was in a state of constantly positive thinking to go “hey, I’m gonna go to sleep and for sure, this next and final dream is gonna be a good one”. Constantly thinking this in my head like a mantra, I fall asleep again and it was actually a good dream. Don’t remember the details. Most of the time I’m pretty damn vague with remembering dreams, but I do remember feeling very safe and pleased that this time the dream was going well. Right up to the point where, like a weak plot twist, my dream does a backflip on me, throws me a disaster and reveals some weak fact that just totally turns to horror everything else I thought was good and decent about the dream. And I actually spent the rest of the dream trying to piece it all back together and make it all decent again, and failing miserably and exponentially, until eventually I woke up just pissed it happened again and worse off for the fact I suddenly forgot all the details. I really should keep a dream diary for some of this crazy shit sometimes. Ah well.

Anyway, much longer post than expected and totally in a different direction, so here’s a clip, actually, the opening clip of Uwe Boll’s new “flick of awesome, but not quite ninja awesome”: Postal. I’m actually hearing some good about it and I do just say some, which is not much, but at least more than any of his previous stuff. Actually, it’s probably more than anyones said of all of his previous stuff combined, but bitch be cool, I might actually give him another chance with this…