Its 10 Below and Falling…

Another long weekend of filming stuff and beating up pro wrestlers. But this Wintec short is coming up on its last weekends, mostly pick ups to be done next week and… actually, yeah, that’ll be it apart from the onlining I’ve agreed to be in on.

After its over, I’m pretty keen to try and sit back, ignore things for a while and perhaps, eventually, as many nice and concerned friends have been brining up recently, to relax with the whole other peoples stuff and try focusing on my own things again. And I agree, but I don’t think my frame of mind is there. Not yet.

But this was a good weekend for a change. Had an interesting and good drinking night Friday, sweet relaxed shooting day on Saturday and fairly full on, but still easy Sunday. Caught up with some old friends, though briefly, still worthwhile, a copy of Sopranos season two I’ve been waiting on for ages now finally came in and already I’m into my semi-marathon watching of its awesomeness again. Oh and to top it off, just discovered that this site is now the first result when my name is googled… stoked!

Meant to post this earlier, but kept slipping my mind. Continual congrats to the good folk of Downending films as they’ve secured themselves a DVD deal for Down by the Riverside, been creating extra features, playing with cover designs (image linked below, I hope they don’t mind) and have been keeping all up to date with their shiny new blog.