Wanna Buy A Monkey?

Workload has crept up on me out of nowhere. Well, not nowhere, I could have avoided such a pile up, but… meh… I’m still lethargic from the weekend. But in the next day or two I’ve got a stack of unmarked assignments to finish off, an article for the university’s magazine to write, video to edit and just general paperworks to sort out. Pity I used my recent day off to watch a whole season of the Sopranos instead.

Ah well, I’ll finish my shift tomorrow, mark the assignments, get annoyed and channel that energy towards the article (cheekily titled “I Hate It Here”) and by then, be so tired, I’ll hit a creative high in cutting together this video.

Meanwhile, just got off msn with Eric Zhang if those who read this know who that is. Bitch came back to New Zealand and is living in Dunedin at the moment doing doco research work, which is both cool and surprising. He’s also got a doco idea in the pipeline which sounds pretty damn interesting to say the least. But yeah, just thought I’d mention it, cause I’ve got to pad these posts a bit if there’s to be any regular updating.