Shoot Em Up Stuff and Thumb Club

New red band trailer for Shoot ‘Em Up is online at the official website or you can just watch the Youtube version here. You’ll have to go through a whole age verification for it, but it’s worth it for the awesomeness that is Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti. Hell, theres a clip thats from the opening of Clive Owen delivering a baby, while shooting up a whole wharehouse full of bad guys. Ridiculously over the top fun.

In fact it’s so over the top, here is a clip where Owen and Monica Belluci are getting it on and even if they get interrupted by some more bad guys, don’t matter to Clive, they keep having sex and he keeps shooting people. Awesome.

Also, new red band trailer for Beowulf, which is just looking more and more scarily realistic, yet fake at the same time.

And Finally, a video which I was at first going meh, another fight club reproduction by over zealous fans, but hell, its still amusing and its rather scary at times at what lengths they went to reproduce the lighting and imagery of the original film.