Cure for Pain

Not long after posting last night, I went to go to bed and on cue, the same throbbing pain came along. So it wasn’t long till another trip to the emergency center where I had to wait an excruciating period of time for a nurse first, then the doctor, then a much needed pain killer med that felt so good.

For the last few nights I’ve been getting so little sleep and being kept up by such irritating pain, I was just exhausted at that point. Once the pain subsided, lying down became a priority and I simply fell asleep there on the clinic bed and out cold.

Very strange feeling to have slept soundlessly for so long and to wake up in a strange room with a doctor looming over you. I wonder if it was anything like how someone feels after having an emergency or accident and suddenly being in a hospital or something similar. Bah, nothing at all I’m sure. I knew where I was prior to sleeping, but the feeling of waking up somewhere strange and not yet knowing where you are, yeah, always awesome that.

Anyway, the doctor last night was a lot more open eared and actually perscribbed some proper meds for me. So far they’re working, but I can still feel a bit of the painful sensation every now and again, even if I’m not feeling the pain, I can still feel what I know would be painful if I didn’t have any good old pain meds.

Anyway, sleep then a fresh class of students to teach tomorrow afternoon. Arrangements with its current owner and I should be owning said piano on Sunday. Awesome.