Bad Sleep and Retail Therapy

So I bought a piano this morning. Will have to move stuff and make space for it, but hey, I bought a piano and it will be awesome because I miss having one to play and practice on.

But last night had me taking a trip to A&E and pumped full of painkillers and anti-inflammatory for one major nasty headache/migraine/pulsating head ouch that was keeping me up all night and wouldn’t let up and let me sleep. People reckoned it was just a migraine, but for one who’s never had one, let alone know what one feels like, it’s hard to say. Acutally, thinking on that, I sometimes don’t even know what a headache really is. Okay, I know what a headache is, but sometimes, when its happening, I’m not sure if I’m having a headache or just tired or whatever. Some people suffer a lot from headaches and migraines, but is their headache the same as my headache? Or do I also get headaches a lot, but just write them off as nothing and something normal I just feel all the time? Why am I writing such mindless blabber of airheaded thinking? I’ll blame the painkillers. That and the awesome.

I need sleep.