Wedding, Babies and Lots of Drinking

Yep, slackness in the posting, but I’ve been working a lot again or still, to have enough money next month for a wintec shoot coming up. Actually, the shoot already started on Saturday and got off to a good start. But the schedule is broken down into weekends only, which for me, means a little work in staying consistent in both energy and levels of creativity. But still, I’m looking forward to it.

But let’s see, Saturday night we held a party shindig for flatmate Fabian’s Birthday at the flat and it was pretty cool. Did a lot of setting up of lights and gels beforehand and it was most pretty and a good night overall. Good people were there, lots of drinking to be had and good friend Daisy and Sean came on down from Auckland to drink with, and that made me happy. So did the cute girl on lap, who’s finally getting a mention on this blog.

Then Sunday was old friend Tim’s wedding to his lady Irene and that was a really great lowkey ceremony. Best of all from it was I got to witness quite possibly the best choice of a wedding song ever… Spice Girls… uh… what the hell do you call that song? ziggazigah? Or whatever the hell it is, that, “if you wanna be ma lover” bollocks. Bad song, but that being played for her walk down the aisle, was fried gold.

And also to mention an eeeeeh! to Nick and Sarah for finally giving birth to their way too cute son whom they’ve been keeping track of the pregnancy here, but its still awaiting the cuteness of photos to come. And not to mention last, Dan and Ester, who are in the UK, they too had a baby girl Maddy (did I spell that right?). Everyone is just growing up, aren’t they?

And as for photos, here are some favourites from the party courtesy of the immaculate Petra Jane. There were other people with cameras there, but I’ve yet to track them down. Stupid drinking… actually the photos are all with me, cause I’m a whore for the camera like that. In front and behind.