Technology Hates Me

What a week. Been working a nauseating amount of hours recently cause I’m going to need the extra cash once I start working on this upcoming wintec shoot next month. Why do I allow my time and precious energy to be used on so many other people’s projects? Meh, guess I’m just a delicous whore like that.

Today was a bit of the worst where a long shift, was nicely rewarded with a trip to the liquor store and a stop off at friend Ross’ house, but upon leaving, I discovered that my car once again conspires against me and decided to first decide that the battery was flat, and then not flat and then turn back on the alarm system which it turned off a couple of months ago, thus immobolising my car with an immoboliser I did not even know existed until this very evening. Which all resulted in me waiting on the roadside for an ungodly ammount of time for the AA fella to turn up.

But been watching a large quantity of films again, which I’m happy to say relishing in doing so once more. That, as opposed to watching them as a chore. Those last two sentences rhymed. It’s way past my bedtime. Let’s hope I don’t keep rhyming no more.

Okay, that was a little wierd. I do need sleep, but I’ve also got to prepare for my class tomorrow, a rehearsal for a scene and two film festival movies to watch. Yes, the Hamilton run has finally started and it’s a very sexy line up. Much to look forward to.