Er… hi

Well, well, well… been a while eh?

Since the last post I got bogged down a busy with work and several shoots around the place, while also having a near breakdown with the total overload of work. So much so, I dropped myself out of contact with the world for a bit and tried to center myself. Sounds like a lot of zen bollocks, but I was really needing it to just clear my head for a bit. But now I’m back, feeling a bit better and the supermodels of the world can now rest easy knowing I’m alive.

But to recap, there has been a lot of drinking and a lot of reading and just recently, finished watching an excellent TV series called Dexter, which is just neat. Oh and ate camel the other day cause they had it at one of the cafe’s and that was pretty interesting. Tasted good. Overall, I’ve just been getting away a bit from the film scene, tried not watching or think about any movies and just generally kept myself occupied on other things. So apart from the film festival and one small day of filming, I’m gonna try to keep the rest of August free of anything too film related.

I started writing this post with a lot of things in mind to mention, but now I’ve got nothing. Save it for another time I suppose. At least it’ll mean another post. Hopefully sooner, rather than later too.