Grrr… Title Field…

The thing about being hellishly busy sometimes is the fact that you find it hard to stay consistent with posting and stuff. I have no idea how I kept it up during the Pictures of You shoot, but that’s because I’m Superman. But then again, when you’ve got nothing going on and you’ve got plenty of spare time to blog, sometimes, there just isn’t anything interesting to write about.

I worked this weekend. Second week in a row of doing graveyard shifts and this weekend is probably the least amount of work I’ve ever done and that’s pretty exciting if your me. Or the loch ness monster. Then again, he ain’t up to much these days.

But I did watch quite a few films and worthy of mention is Idiocracy, where Luke Wilson gets frozen and ends up in the future where everyone has devolved into idiots and he’s the smartest guy on earth. And it was good and very insightful into how I feel sometimes… or better yet, how people feel around me. Cause I can be a goddamn moron. A sexy moron. But a moron none-the-less. And when I’m working and customers come up with their um… opinions… a little bit of myself keeps dying in hope of the human race. Actually, I’m in retarded but good looking territory right now. Up all night and writing a nonsensical blog about nothing and just ranting on about nothing in particular and whatever pops into my head… Pigeons… See?