Moved. Awesome.

So my room is pretty much set out. Desk. Bed. Computer. Stereo system. Super sweet leather chairs… all totally checked.

Still got to work out the internet connection as there is no easy way of connecting to my room at the moment, so for now I’m limited to using other flatmate’s computers which are all connected to the internet and running without hiccups. Reckon this is just a conspiricy of theirs to stop me using up all the bandwidth downloading emu porn or something. Cause that stuff is hot.

But yeah, the place is looking great and over time shall be even greater. Maybe a Chuck Norris level of great, but that’s a big stretch to be honest. But now I’m getting into a more settled lifestyle free of running around trying to remember where I live, I can finally get started on some editing of videos that have been in need of editing for sometime now.

But first… drinking. I’m just gonna keep writing it up everywhere because of the mega crushed phone incident, I have lost quite a few numbers and shall keep posting notes on here, myspace, bebo and public toilet walls of the flatwarming that shall be going on here this Saturday where there will be much drinking and… yeah, that’s it. Just the drinking. Email or txt me if you need details, but be sure to include who you are because I’m now sick of messaging people back “blah, blah, blah. Sorry, I lost my phone to a bear that mistoke it for a jar of honey and I’ve lost some numbers. Who is this?” Happens all the time. Damn grizzlys.