48 Finals and Other Film Stuff

So the top 12 list has been announced and it looks like our short Flash Sanders: Funk Detective is among them, which I’m totally stoked about as it means we’re on the DVD and that’s all I need really. This Thursday will be the finals and I’ve got my bet on at least two films that are pretty top marked contenders to take away the region’s best award. Actually, one in particular I think is pretty damn awesome in everything it did, from the story structure to the acting to the very excellent intergration of the three required elements of a rope, the line “what do you call that” and a character named Jerry/Geri Reed/Reid, hypochondriac.

Still in the slow process of moving house… it’s slow.

And meanwhile Terry Gilliam is going to direct an Opera Andrea ChΓ©nier and has made the best casting choice ever for his new film The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus… bad ass mother Tom Waits.

And here’s a trailer for John Dahl’s new movie called You Kill Me, which stars Ben Kingsley as an alcoholic hit man and the trailer looks alright, but I’ve got a feeling it’s hiding stuff that’s cooler. Download it here.