Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

Holy crap, been both busy and lazy in a wonderful combination.

Just recently I’ve had piles of tapes to review, CDs to listen to, assignments to mark and just DVDs to watch and in my current tiny room it’s all be piling up in a rather impressive mess. My windows desktop is also pretty cluttered and there are windows, each filled with tabs of stuff I’ve been meaning to post, including a blog entry from a couple of days ago which was half finished and totally scrapped in the end. But its almost all gone now. Almost…

So to recap recent events… the 48 Hour Competition film screenings have been going on this week. Monday was a horrible start, but since then the quality of the films have been phenomenal. Tonight is the last screening and the finalists get announced on Monday, I’m not too fussed how ours will fare, but it sure as hell has been fun.

Moving into a new empty and totally awesome house. Slowly bit by bit I’m moving more and more stuff into my large, but still empty room. Next week will see a bed and shelves and drawers making their way in, but there are still some bits of furniture and stuff that I’ve got to track down somewhere in this country.

And we shall be having a flat warming on the 16th this month, hopefully once we have stuff and furniture and everything else sorted and in there. Cause at the moment its really bare and empty, but totally awesome, cause its like something should be filmed in there.

And to be able to close some tabs, here are some stuff from the web…

Trailers for Michael Moore’s new film Sicko viewable here and a sneak peak here.

And just the coolest thing ever, if anyone is familar with Boston Legal and there was that really irritating newsreporter woman. Well, that’s Nancy Grace and what her producer does to her on her show in this clip is pure awesome. You could cut glass with just how awesome she is.

Plus friend Sean’s entry into the Auckland 48 Hour film competition. Goddamnit they were 30 seconds late in, but this is one damn good short.