One Year On

Spent the good portion of today catching up on some really awesome sleep. In fact the shower I eventually had last night was quite possibly one of the best showers I’ve had. Filming and editing like crazy the whole weekend can really take it out of you. Next week the heats are being screened at uni, mine is during the second heat on Wednesday night, and I’m looking forward to it along with a whole lot of others. Would love to go to all four of them, but I think I might be missing out on one.

After the competition, I’d vowed to stay away from filmmaking and films in general for a while. And then this evening was reminded I was to attend a student shoot to supervise and took off not long after checking that all was well to watch a movie. Now I’ve got a copy of Tideland sitting in front of me, that I’ve been meaning to watch and return to its rightful owner for sometime now. Zodiac tomorrow night and some teaching at the end of the week. There is also an upcoming short film at wintec I should get onto helping prep for, editing on Pictures of You which I should get back into and a footage for a musician’s promo I should really start cutting together. I’m not complaining, I just wanted at least a week or so to break away from it all.

Also it’s been pointed out to me that this website and this blog is coming up on one year since being created. Checking in on the first post, I started blogging this site just after last year’s 48 Hour film competition where I was taken advantage of while drunk and forced into a polar bear costume for a friend that morning and eventually got more drunk by the end of the day to most recieve a most amusing of injuries… happy birthday website.