Bruce Willis the Fitness

Have returned from my most brief of Auckland excursions after witnessing the fitness of Dylan Moran. Absolute hell getting up there on a Friday night though and finding parking in the inner city was a hell and made a tad late to the start of the show and made me wish cancer on several parked car owner’s future children and probably cancer on their cancer… just to be sure. But yes, the man was most funny and and I touched myself in comedic delight through it all.

Meanwhile, to reinforce my everlasting love of Bruce Willis, who just recently took up to posting on the AICN talkback boards about a whole bunch of stuff on Die Hard 4 and answering questions on his opinions about his films, an amusing time of him trying prove he was the real deal and best of all, this bit about Michael Bay…

“I would rather eat a live baby in front of my grandma than have Michael Bay direct a DIE HARD movie. I would rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than let that car engine in a human skin leave his satanic fingerprints on John McClane. In fact, this new PG-13 thing is the only part of ruining modern action movies that Michael Bay is not personally responsible for. The rest of it is all him. Don’t even fucking say those words in the same sentence, you’re only gonna give them ideas for part 5. It’s like saying Candyman in front of a mirror, that motherfucker will show up and snort John McClane’s soul right in front of you and then piss it out on your shoes,” wrote Willis. “Would have ruined DH4. Few people will work with him now, and I know I will never work with him again.”

I totally gave myself the bad touch reading that over and over again and now scientists are now baffled as to how Bruce Willis’ awesomeness just keeps getting bigger.